Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I Have Learned

1) I do not, in fact, hate cow's milk. It turns out that I love cow's milk that comes from happy cows, and just do not care for the taste of watery conventional grocery store $1.99/gallon cow's milk. This means that we drink 1 half gallon of happy cow milk every two weeks.

2) Sometimes, the best choice is the lesser evil. I worked at a member-owned co-operative health food store for a year. I love co-ops. I think they are the best places to buy your food--reasonably priced, small enough to provide excellent customer service and relationships, and good food. However, there are 4 co-ops in the state of CO. None of them are in Denver. So I shop at Whole Foods now, the same company that basically puts co-ops out of business when they move into the same town. I believe this is a better choice than a) using gas to get to a co-op, or b) shopping at a regular grocery store for all of my food (we still buy some things there) to avoid supporting the Whole Foods corporation. Here's the thing: because of Whole Foods I can choose which state my food comes from (and avoid Chilean apples and New Zealand kiwis) and choose locally produced meat. I think this is a better choice than buying food from who knows where made from who knows what at a conventional grocery store. I'm still supporting a giant corporation, but it's the best I can do.

3) Grey weather really impacts my mood. Where is the sun, oh lovely state of Colorado? At least the brilliant red & orange tree outside my window adds a burst of color to the grey sky.

4) I love Smartwool socks. Nothing else keeps my feet as toasty.

5) I will always love waking up naturally with no pressing schedule, as opposed to hitting snooze twice and groaning when the alarm goes off.