Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I learned on my summer vacation

It is really hot & humid in Northern Indiana in the month of June, but it is all worth it to see two good friends get married, catch up with old friends, and visit all your favorite places in your college town.

Your college town will always sort-of feel like home.

Take any chance to observe the respect and love between your grandparents & work for the same attributes in your own marriage.

Kalona bars are delicious.

Having friends and family come to visit you is awesome.

Elk are really beautiful creatures, but don't get too close!

Finding a new house to rent is stressful.

When moving, make sure one of your friends is really talented when it comes to spatial relationships. Let that friend supervise the loading of the moving truck, and watch the magic of Moving Truck Tetris begin.

It is sad when good friends move away.

When visiting Alaska, it is a good idea to be quite aware of your surroundings when hiking on a trail. If you hear an animal snorting, turn around! Once a safe distance away, use your binoculars to discover the moose that was on your original path.

Whale blubber is an interesting food. Halibut, salmon, moose, and caribou are pretty delicious.

Spending a night in a yurt with 6 amazing, beautiful, talented women is...well...amazing.

If the dogs you are considering house sitting for come with a 2-page instruction sheet, don't do it!

Eating at an awesome vegan/vegetarian restaurant is a great way to celebrate your 2nd wedding anniversary.

Watching 8 seasons of That 70s Show is an accomplishment to be (sort-of) proud about.

Back-to-school time comes much too soon.

I am (sort of) back to blogging here! I can't promise full dedication to the blog with school starting up and our apartment still not unpacked after over a month here, but check back once and awhile for possible updates!