Saturday, September 11, 2010

Epic Lunch

For lunch today, we dined on a trio of bruschetta: traditional tomato (with farmer's market tomatoes and homegrown basil), avocado (made with James' jalepeno "pesto"...we're not sure what to call it, but it is spicy, smoky, and delicious), and eggplant (roasted eggplant with feta) all on farmer's market baguette.

Dessert was a cream cheese/chocolate swirl brownie made by a coworker's sister we brought home from their fun dinner party last night.

Have I mentioned that I love summer? Right now, everyone on the East coast is mourning the end of summer and celebrating the coming of fall. I love living in the West, where the temps are cooling and it feels more fall-like, but we're still in the full bounty of summer produce, with (hopefully) several more weeks of corn and tomatoes to come.