Monday, September 29, 2008

Day Off

Today started out quite nicely with breakfast at a local place called Dozens. No greasy spoon this establishment(which really is my favorite kind of breakfast place), nay, this one poured delicious coffee served with cream in a tiny carafe with raw sugar to add. I breakfasted on a green chile, tomato, and cheddar omelette, served with fried potatoes (surely with a hint of sour cream added), whole wheat english muffin with apple butter on the side, and a pineapple garnish. Delish. My breakfast companion, James, provided lovely company, as we sat in front of a sunny window and drank too many refills of rich coffee. Yeah, I'm a fan.

Now I am home, hearing stories of fully-employed housemates and potentially-employed housemates. I'm now sitting in the office in our house, next to a bright sunny window, listening to the accidentally perfect playlist I discovered on the computer in here. I don't know which housemate I have to thank for this, but I sure do love discovering awesome untitled playlists on this computer. What else is on my plate for the day? Having already researched possible wedding reception sites in the Goshen area, I'll be soon headed to the library to return books, then take a trip to Target to return the worst bike lock ever (WBLE for short). Then, this evening, my fellow educator, Erin G-wals and I will head off to Educator's Night at the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. We get to watch an IMAX film on Alaska for free! And visit the museum for free! I am such a science nerd...this is incredibly exciting to me. It's a good Monday, ya'll.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hark! The town crier speaks:

Hear ye, hear ye!
Miss Emilinda is now gainfully employed!

Yes, it's true, folks. Yours truly has found gainful employment in the big bad world of Denver. I now have two part time jobs, and the details are still getting worked out as far as hours and scheduling go. I'll be working at the Butterfly Pavilion as an outreach presenter, giving talks on insects to people of all ages, preschool to sr. citizens. I'm really excited, since I really want to be an environmental educator. I'll also be working at Parsley, a little fresh sandwich/salad/juice/smoothie cafe' in the Golden Triangle neighborhood. This is also really exciting. They use organic/natural ingredients, the decor is all green inside, and the people seem really friendly.

That's all for now. It's a beautiful day, one of my last days unemployed, and I'd like to read in the hammock.