Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cleaning up my act

Perhaps this blog should give a glimpse into my every day world these days:
I sub for Goshen Community Schools. I don't hate it. I don't dread going to work each morning, which is a pretty big feat for a sub, knowing that I'm about to walk into a room of squirrely children who think they'll get to goof off all period. I've only been subbing at the high school, so I feel like I know the building and at least the science dept. a fair amount. I really like spending time with high school students. There is always a laugh and a smile, even if it is at my expense sometimes (someone asked if I was pregnant yesterday. I'm not, for the record).

This week as certainly been a surprise. I am not a yeller when it comes to discipline, and believe in more civilized methods. However, yesterday when all civilized methods failed, I yelled. Louder than I've ever yelled before. I let my subconscious take over, and was a bit surprised at how loud I could be. The good news is, my unruly charges became totally ruly for the last 60 mins. of class. Today I did a very different kind of subbing: accompanying my fellow science teacher Zeb on a field trip to Merry Lea with his environmental science students. I loved it! I think everyone should have the opportunity to get filthy-dirty in the name of science or anything, really. I love getting mucky. Today I was helping the students study aquatic macroinvertebrates (read: bugs) in Cub Lake. This involves asking students to get into huge rubber waders and use nets to scoop up the muckiness of the lake bottom and dig through it with their hands. I was surprised at the number of students who did so with relish, much like myself. Others were squeamish, even shriek-y. I have little patience with these students. I have always loved getting dirty (except for that unfortunate middle school stage when I wanted showers and make up every day, even on camping trips), and I want others to love it, too. So I encouraged them to at least get in and walk around, and everyone did.

I'm living with three women my age, all of whom are taking various courseloads at GC. I am not a student. It is often assumed that I am because of my age and location. But it's ok. All my friends are students, so I don't mind. And I refuse to move over to the recent graduate section at men's soccer games. I'm not ready to sit down and clap instead of cheering loudly and crazily quite yet.

Otherwise I keep busy spending time with friends, reading voraciously, and working at the Maple City Market. Life is good.

Squeamish high school student (SHSS): "How can you tell if your waders are leaking?"
Me: "Because there will be a puddle of water in your boot."

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