Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adventures in working at a cooperative store

Odd tasks I have completed in the past two days:
1) gave a customer's dog a bowl of water
2) stabbed a hole in a container of bulk dish soap (25 gallons) with a screwdriver
3) scraped out the last of a giant vat of unfiltered molasses using a large rubber spatula from the deli kitchen for a customer

The not-so odd, but pleasurable:
1) sniffing the new scented soaps
2) reading about the 14 new varieties of tea we now carry
3) taking home free expired yogurt, soymilk, cheese, cookies--YUM

Needless to say, I am really enjoying being back at the co-op. I just came back from a 12 day trip to visit Kate in England, which was a thoroughly enjoyable time. But, it is so nice to be home. As I was flying home I realized that Goshen has really become home, due to the relationships I have here. I have completely amazing and supportive housemates that I was eager to return to. I have an equally (or almost equally) amazing and supportive boyfriend. I have a great job, good community connections....I just feel this sense that I belong here and am loved and fulfilled. Things are good. However, my brain is currently crazed with jet lag, so I hope this actually makes any sense at all. I think it is nap time.

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