Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wedding Wednesday (a belated posting)

So far, I've been keeping my blog wedding planning free, a semi-conscious decision and partly just because I don't really want to think about it more than I already do. However, I do read a lot of wedding blogs, a pretty easy way to while away a day/week-off afternoon. You're probably not surprised, but I tend to read blogs that involve the word DIY, budget, simple, practical, or other such thrifty Mennonite words in their description or blog title. For the most part, these blogs are full of practical advice and interesting ideas. But I'm starting to realize that by trying my best to avoid the whole stereotypical wedding industry, I've fallen into another trap: the DIY/personal touch trap, in which I find myself thinking that I need to find a source of vintage vases or antique typewriter keys or some other cute thing with which to decorate. Don't get me wrong, these blogs are awesome, and I'm so glad to find this whole community of people who think weddings should be about showing who you are and should be a celebration of love and commitment (aka actually about marriage), rather than being about fancy cakes and calligraphied invitations and fancy ball rooms with enormous flower arrangements. This is refreshing to me. 

I think what I've been most puzzled about while trolling the internet for wedding advice is this: make your wedding personal. I feel like this is a no brainer, and I'm not really sure how to have any other kind of event. So here are some ways that our wedding is personal:
  • I don't really wear much jewelry, other than earrings. So when looking for an engagement ring (which we did together), I wanted something that cost very little (in case I lost it) and was something I wouldn't mind seeing every day. So, my ring was a $20 bargain we found at a crazy store in Goshen.
  • My college roommate-for-life of a best friend is painting some beautiful paintings to hang in the church for the ceremony (and then we get to hang that art up in our house!)
  • A friend from my church in Goshen, a local artist, is going to make our wedding rings.
  • The co-op, much beloved by me before and after working there for a year, is going to cater the majority of the reception, using organic ingredients and local produce.
  • The Soda Shop, where James worked as a grill cook this past summer, will be providing our dessert, awesome homemade pies for all.
  • Our reception is at Goshen's college cabin. We both spent a lot of time together walking on the Mill Race, so it's special, plus, we love the idea of making it more of a reunion-type feel, with croquet & other games available.
We're using local businesses, food, and artists, which are all very important to me, as well as highlighting places and people that are important to us. I care a lot more about these choices than I care about elaborately styling the buffet tables myself with colored vintage linens & potted plants. The DIY wedding world sort of leads me to believe that since I'm doing things the homemade way, I need to make sure they look really, really classy. I like things to look nice, don't get me wrong, but I just can't keep enough space in my brain to worry about hanging the seating assignment cards on a tiny clothesline made with yarn from my grandmother's wedding shrug.

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