Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: a surprise

I think I'll make this a semi-regular feature. This is something I've never tried before. 

On Monday I finally got in touch with the man who I'd wanted to do the flowers for our wedding. I've been super confident about this whole finding people to do things for the wedding thing, since I'm getting married in northern Indiana, not really an area of must-have venues or a destination wedding location. So I didn't really think there'd be many events or other weddings to contend with. Well my friends, I thought wrong. Gail (the flower man) informed me that our wedding happens to be taking place during Quilt Auction Weekend (QAW for short) at the EssenHaus in Middlebury. Since he also works for the EssenHaus, he will be unable to do any flowers for us. Only in northern IN would my florist be previously occupied with a quilt auction. Oh well. Life goes on. 


  1. Charity, I believe, got all of her flowers from the farmer's market... from White Yarrow Farm maybe?? not quite sure... Just another thought :)

  2. Phoebe Brubaker did our flowers and was amazing! She worked in the budget we wanted and mixed flowers from a supplier with flowers from gardens of people I know. I could get her contact info to you if you'd like.