Sunday, February 14, 2010


After spending time with some lovely CO blogger ladies yesterday evening (thanks for a wonderful time Heather, Laura, Kathleen, Lauren, Katie, Beth--and especially Ashley for hosting! I look forward to hanging out with you all again sometime soon!), I am inspired to do two things I rarely do: blog and take pictures of my food.

Valentine's Day started off on the wrong foot when I rolled over in bed and James said, "It snowed." I went out to investigate to find about 3 inches of powder on the ground! We debated whether we'd go to church or snuggle back into bed. We got up and headed to church, which I definitely did not regret. Great hymn singing today, as well as a really fun combined children's/adult choir singing spirituals, followed by me eating half of the world's best cake donut ever (got to love donuts after church every Sunday).

James and I came home, planned meals for the week (including a very special Valentine's feast), and headed out to do grocery shopping. I actually love grocery shopping, especially Whole Foods for fun finds and yummy samples. :) We came to home to complete Operation: V-day Feast.

We had a fun time cooking together in the kitchen...we don't get the chance to cook together that often, but I think we're a good team. We had decided the day before that we wanted to do something with chicken sausage, and with a little searching on one of my fav cooking sites, we found Tomato and Sausage Risotto, which we planned to pair with some roasted green beans.

Oh man, this recipe did NOT disappoint! Yum. I'm looking forward to the leftovers. The recipe's supposed to make 4 servings, but this is so rich and creamy that I think it'll be more like 6 in this house. After lunch, we snuggled up and watched Community and Modern Family while nibbling on chocolate my parents sent us. Both highly enjoyable, especially Abed's antics on Community.

We've spent the evening in a cleaning frenzy, and have an organized fridge, clean kitchen, sparkling kitchen, and vacuumed floors to show for it. I love having a clean house on Sunday evenings! We had planned to make crepes with a blueberry sauce for dessert, but were too stuffed after lunch...we still may execute that plan yet this evening. What a fun foodie filled weekend! I'm so glad I have tomorrow off from work so that I can study and further organize my life.


  1. I loved the children's choir/men's quartet thing in church today! That little songleader was such a performer. So cute.

  2. Yay, glad to see you're inspired to post :)

  3. It was great meeting you too! Your v-day dinner looks delicious!

  4. i had so much fun with you guys too...i might be hitting you up for some home brewing tips :) we'll see how this first batch goes!

    i got Nate The Joy of HomeBrewing for Valentine's Day...I think he loves it!

  5. Yaaay blog post! That meal sounds so so good!! Love your food pic! hehe

  6. Very cool! It was great to hear from you on my blog. It'll be nice to stay connected this way. Your picture is making me hungry it looks so good.