Friday, March 12, 2010

How I Am Trying to Cope

Let's just say that best descriptor of my life right now is overwhelmed.

Work is tough right now. Spring is always a stressful time in my job, but this year, the things on my plate feel like they are really adding up. Let's just say I'm not at all doing a good job of managing my stress. On top of that, I'm studying for a big bad teacher licensure test: General Science. I have been spending the last two months on a steady diet of Physics & Earth Science, subjects I never took a high school or college level class in. Needless to say, I am still studying, and haven't even touched the Biology & Chemistry this test also covers.

One thing I appreciate about the blog world is that there is some level of accountability in putting a plan for your life on the internet. I might not have very many readers, but even just typing this out makes it feel more like an official plan.

Coping strategies:

1. Exercise. I just don't exercise. I'm not proud of this. I'm at the point that I feel so out of shape I don't know where to begin. But I want to make a commitment to yoga at least once a week & walking at least twice a week.

2. Write. I used to keep a paper journal and write often. I processed a lot of stuff in that journal, and I have really fallen out of the habit.

3. Talk. In college I had a spiritual adviser. We met once a week and talked about my life, and not just my thoughts about God and my beliefs. We talked about the stress of student teaching, my new relationship with my now-husband, my thoughts about future careers and vocations. I was a much healthier person because of this. Here in Colorado, I haven't found a new mentor or adviser and am really hurting for older adult wisdom. I plan to ask my church for some pastoral care in this area. I also have an incredibly wonderful, supportive group of girlfriends. Some live here in Colorado, and the others I communicate with mostly through a huge email chain. I haven't written in forever. My silence is partly b/c I feel so overwhelmed by my emotions. But I am going to try harder!

4. Have fun. I want to intentionally plan fun things into my week and weekends. New recipes, new explorations with James, and more. I want to plant some herbs & play in the park. If I plan these things ahead of time, I have something to look forward to in those stressful moments.

So, readers, there you have it. I hope these strategies bring more mental stability to my life in the coming weeks.

How to do cope with stress (especially work-related stress)? What techniques work best for you?

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