Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well, hello anyone even here? I was reading some old posts tonight, since I am unable to fall asleep, and realized that I haven't posted a single thing since August of 2011. Oh my. Today seemed as good a time as any to try writing again.

Tonight I was honored to be selected as the Mile High Teacher from our school. It was nice to be chosen by my administrators, nice to have my work recognized. I got to shake the mayor's hand & chat with some friends from school, and generally enjoy being an educator. As we drove home after the event, I found myself reflecting on all the amazing students I have. On the respect our students have for me, and I for them. For the kids who make me smile with clever comments, who act as their true selves, who are resilient. Our school is not ADA-compatible, but a 2nd grader on crutches made it up and down all our stairs, day after day. I have a 5th grade student who tries to sneak into the library to scare me...and fails every time. Another 5th grader read ALL 13 of the Series of Unfortunate Events books in one week. Today, a 4th grader finished his computer work early, and volunteered to help other students get started on their own work. It warmed my heart to hear him asking questions just like I ask, to hear him practice being a teacher. We have kids with tough emotional/mental disabilities that show up everyday. That bring themselves here, both the good and bad parts. It warms my heart when they smile, just for a minute. Basically what I'm saying is, I am so grateful to have these kids in my life.

I haven't always felt this way. Many parts of my job do not match my personal interests and strengths. It can be frustrating, and leave me feeling helpless. But today reminded me why I go to work every day. Yes, my paycheck is nice, but I'm ultimately there for the kids. For the way I feel when I help a kid find just the book they wanted. For the way I feel when I make a silly mistake when I'm teaching and my class and I all laugh together. For the way it feels to read aloud to a group of kids who are hanging onto every word and fully loving the story. That's why I do this.

I feel that anyone reading also deserves a 90-second update on my life: James & I are moving away from Colorado. Everyone thinks we're crazy, and it seems that everyday I read a post from a blogger who is dying to move to CO. We're working on finalizing our destination, but moving closer to family (aka east) is the goal. We're hoping at least one of us finds a job before we move, but when our lease is up, we're leaving--jobs or no jobs. It feels good. It's time. Currently I'm lying on my couch, not sleeping. I need to be up in 5 hours. Thursday is my longest, toughest school day. Then I'll go home & clean the whole house because my mom is coming to visit! Wish me luck on my long, long day.


  1. Congratulations on the award! (And also commenting to let you know you're still in my blog feed.)

  2. Wow!! That's amazing!! Congratulations!! Good for you!! I can't remember if I told you, but I did send in my resume and everything for your school. Thanks for the lead either way. :) And good luck with moving! I totally understand. And I think we will someday too. Family is family!!! We never meant to to move to Denver anyways. We love it, but we could leave it. Haha. I think I'd miss the food the most! Lol.