Saturday, August 4, 2007

Henna-ful Thoughts

I just realized that I've never hennaed during the summer. Covering your hair with a plastic bag is quite insulating, making me a bit warm as I type. I haven't had henna in my hair since graduation, and since my fingernails were almost their normal not-orange color, I figured I might as well crank up the orange factor once again.

I have many pleasant henna-related memories: Andy and I hennaing together for the first time, and Colin allowing me to [terribly] streak his white-blond hair with henna. Getting Chief ice cream with plastic bags on our heads. Cinnamon and fresh hay scented rain falling into my eyes during the rainiest camping trip ever with my May term Ecology class [the scent stays in your hair for awhile]. Hannah Jantzi and I deciding that if everyone hennaed, there'd be world peace. James' reaction upon first smelling my hennaed locks.

I haven't much to do these days, so it was nice to have a bit of a project today. Otherwise, I've been spending my time watching as many Scrubs episodes as possible, as it seems every network carries reruns these days, and attempting to get excited about packing and watching So You Think You Can Dance. I loved the show last year, but this year? Not so good [I heart Huckabees reference, anyone?]. I still watch b/c I like watching dancing, not these particular dancers. However, Mandy and her boyfriend arrive tomorrow, so we will make brownies and have campfires and attend the huge 50% off sale at the cheapest thrift store around, so that will be good. And then, suddenly, it will be Wednesday, and I will be off to PA to reunite with James after 4 long months. :) Yay, August!

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