Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Settling at last...

Back in Goshen! Currently typing from the computer lab b/c there's no internet in the house at this point. It is really good to be back, to finally have the satisfaction of moving the boxes into a place I will remain for at least 9 months. To be organizing kitchens and cleaning bathrooms and rearranging furniture, along with seeing some of the people I've missed all summer long. Moving into a new run down old Goshen house is always an adventure. This one involves a non-functioning bathroom sink, no outlets in the bathroom, and all sorts of other details. However, at this point, the crazy angles of the rooms and nooks and closets seem to be outweighing the problems.

Reality check: work starts tomorrow. I somehow landed a subbing job on the second day of school--same classroom for 7 days. So, of course, I am incredibly terrified. Ack. I have to remember how to be Miss rather than Emily and how to appear in control and cool at the same time. It's tricky.

PA was really a good trip. The brother and I didn't kill each other. I ate tons of good food. I saw an amazing movie, Once. I went tandem biking for the first time in my life (21 miles!). I went on a real date. Good times. However, I am now joining the real world of work and scheduling and unpacking. Ah well, things are still good.

I've eaten two peaches today already. I think it's time to go home and eat another.


  1. a real date, eh? with a boy or the dried fruit? if it's the latter, can i have some?

  2. So you saw Once, isn't that an incredible movie. After watching it I literally bought the soundtrack immediately. Then I took that with me on my trip this summer, so now the soundtrack not only rocks, but instantly reminds me of England and South Africa. By the way I really like your blog, good stuff!