Monday, October 29, 2007

A Barrel of Laughs (or how I find a minimum wage job fulfilling)

Yes, I know there have been a significant increase in posting in the...last 24 hours, but I was inspired at work today...

Today I rang up a woman's purchases, took her credit card, swiped it, and then accidentally tried to hand it to my co-worker, Tim instead of of handing it back to her. I made some joke about how we were teaming up to steal it, something she and Tim found hilarious. After she left, Tim turned to me and said, "It's always a barrel of laughs working with you, Emily." Ah, what an interesting phrase.

He also remarked earlier in the day that I was always happy when he saw me.
"What's your secret?"
"Ah, 8 hours of sleep. And sunshine."

But as I pondered on this, I realized something. I hold a minimum wage job that involves restocking shelves, mopping floors, and cleaning bathrooms. And I am happy. I leave work satisfied. I would even go so far as to say that I love it there. This is one of the more fulfilling and pleasurable jobs I've had. No, it doesn't beat the thrill of watching a student really GET a concept you've been attempting to teach them. But I love how much I learn from people every day. I love the little 7 year old girl who came up to the counter to tell me that she lost a tooth today. I love the enthusiasm of my coworkers. And for these reasons, this minimum wage job makes me feel more happy and fulfilled.

Here's to you, Maple City Market.

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