Monday, October 29, 2007

Top Nine

1. Nick Hornby: I read High Fidelity last week, making this week's obsession About a Boy. The clever dialogue and smarmy male characters have been making me grin all week long. I'm sure next week will be spent watching both films.

2. Pumpkin bread pudding: Rather, pumpkin desserts of all kinds, but I made this ridiculously easy and scrumptious recipe last night. Magically, people seemed to know about it, coming from far and wide and arriving just as the bread pudding left the oven. Delicious.

3. The Wailin' Jennys/Wilco: I can be found listening to one of these two bands basically every day. Every day has been a Wilco day for about 2 weeks now, and I constantly cycle between Kamera, Heavy Metal Drummer, and I'm the Man Who Loves You--a perfect trio for mopping floors at the co-op.

4. Chocolate covered crystallized ginger: Both a delightful treat and a digestive aid, this packs a huge punch of ginger flavor surrounded by dark chocolate. Can't go wrong, eh? The best is when someone drops a few on the bulk counter/shelf and leaves them there for yours truly to clean up as she knows best.

5. S. 8th St.: The cathedral of leaves has arrived (along with the frost). Teaming up with partners Blue Sky and Sunshine, the leaves of 8th St. are looking pretty amazing these days.

6. Moroccan Pomegranate Red Tea: Celestial Seasonings has done it again. I drink a cup of this almost every day, since I love all red tea and all things pomegranate.

7. Cinnamon toast: I mourn the days when I had a toaster oven, making this treat a lot simpler (put the butter and cinnamon sugar on untoasted bread, then toast for a delicious gooey treat). However, it can still be done in a regular toaster once the bread has come out. Pair with a cup of hot chocolate and Wendell Berry's Life is a Miracle, and you've got a right pleasant chilly evening.

8. Reading aloud: My parents read to me before bed until 8th grade, I think, and I still do it occasionally today. Currently James and I are reading The Phantom Tollbooth, a classic from my youth. The book is one long play on words that makes for great read aloud pleasure, along with characters just begging for strange accents. Try it out, eh?

9. Gilmore Girls: Having recently come upon the entire second season on DVD, I've been averaging about an episode a day. Luckily I have housemates that also enjoy this guilty pleasure, so I don't have to feel too bad about it. Hey, everyone needs a vice, right?

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