Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i am not yet dead!

So I just realized that it's been nearly a month since I last posted. It's been one of those months where I concoct witty blog entries in my head while I'm at work, then come home and promptly forget what I wanted to talk about. So you'll just have to settle for a brief list of interesting things that have happened since you last heard from Emmalinda:
  • attended two weddings in as many weekends.
  • road-tripped to PA and back
  • accidentally woke up at 6 am, drove to a school...and then checked my voice mail to find that my substitute services were no longer required
  • subbed for the one and only noltinator at GHS
  • baked a pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin and soy milk in the filling, which was pronounced delicious by my crust connoisseur of a boyfriend
  • heard Chanticleer in Sauder Concert Hall
  • became completely addicted to the office
  • watched the movie everything is illuminated. finally.
  • sent James off to Guatemala for about 10 days
  • finished the book high fidelity
  • heard peter and the wolf at the maple city chamber orchestra concert
  • ate a delectable san marcos chicken burrito
  • learned a new pancake making trick
  • made pesto
  • mopped the kitchen floor
  • drank approximately 32 cups of tea (and began the tea total tally system)
...ok, so the list got a bit desperate. but this is my life, sometimes a bit desperate. but it has been a good month. i eagerly await the total transformation of 8th street to a cathedral of fall leaves, but also lament the colder weather that is rolling in. such is fall, such is life.


  1. yah for not being dead! Also it was fun seeing you at the wedding but I have to say it was slightly awkward, because part of me was like "oh Emily, I know her cause I read her blog" and then the other part of me was like "oh, um but you haven't actually talked to here in quite some time" So anyways if any of that awkwardness actually got communicated to you, I apologize. And double yah for tea and changing leaves!

  2. you better have some fall fest items left over...