Monday, January 21, 2008


Wake up at 6:45 and stumble to the bathroom. Dress quickly, gather coat, hat, keys (2 sets, in case one car doesn't start due to terribly cold weather), purse. "Scarf it" (my hair, that is) as Drew Herstam would call it because a shower is out of the question. Arrive at the co-op at 7:15 am. Get ready for customers. Eat a breakfast of hardened banana nut scone (leftover from the weekend) and honeybush tea. Reload the entire produce case b/c it was cleaned over the weekend. Spend several hours with kale, blueberries, local sweet potatoes, and pinata apples. After work, head down to the Brew, just one block from work. Pop in for a hazelnut latte and a surprise visit with housemate Alana. Change into yoga attire in the bathroom, and cross the street to the yoga studio. 1.5 hours of stretching, strengthening, and relaxing in yoga class. Home to an amazing supper a la Alana: butternut squash, collard green, and portabella mushroom soup with dumpster-dived bread, followed by Andy's chocolate sheet cake for dessert. Finish that hazelnut latte, anticipating an evening of hot tubbing with The Spain and time with the boyfriend. Not a bad day after all.

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! I just added sitemeter to my blog and then I saw the link from your blog to mine! And then I went to your blog! And it was you! So nice to find a cousin blog. I heard that you were living in Goshen and in a "serious relationship" from my grandparents over Christmas. Congrats on both!