Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year Dawns

It is two o'clock in the afternoon. In the two o'clock hour, I have managed to force myself out of my pj's (fleece pants are notoriously addicting) and get around to actually eating some lunch. Don't forget that I didn't manage to leave my bed until 10:45 am.

...My name is Emily, and I am a grown-up. This year has been an interesting transition from being a college student to embracing the "real world." However, I am still feeling very Peter Pan-esque. Never-Never Land is treating me quite well, thank you. 2008 is upon us now, and I am ready to see what surprises will await. I toyed with several ideas to review the events of 2007...my year in movies, in books, in months...but I have settled on the following list (I am nothing if not a meticulous list-maker):

My year 2007 in food:
  • fresh soft pretzels in Reading when visiting James in PA for the first time, Jan 2
  • pomegranate muffins and rum cake a la Lisl K and G-wals, Jan 17 (my 22nd b-day)
  • curly fries and grilled ham and cheese at the Leafraker, Feb 11
  • Thai green curry from A Thai Restaurant (the actual name of the establishment) with the Fabulous Florida Five in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for spring break, Feb 27
  • corned beef, cabbage, and boiled potatoes, along with a decadent chocolate hazelnut birthday cake before an awesome Switch House party in honor of Trav and Lisl's birthdays, Mar 17
  • red lentil coconut curry, stuffed acorn squash, Japanese stirfry and miso soup, and veggie lasagna, along with hilarious and meaningful conversation with my Swing House women, all year
  • pork roast, mashed potatoes, and roasted asparagus with my family for Easter dinner, Apr 8
  • homemade hummus with pita, my mom's amazing chocolate oatmeal bars, and cherimoya ice cream at the Swing House graduation open house, Apr 25
  • sandwiches of homemade bread, butter, and Ementhal cheese, followed by Swiss chocolate for dessert--a traditional lunch during my May Term class, Anabaptist Mennonite History in Europe, May 7
  • fish and chips washed down with a pint of Bulmer's in Co. Galway, Ireland with my traveling companion and dearest friend Kate, Jun 1
  • $1.10 root beer slushies with pretzel rod at the Par-t-Pak in Bryan, OH with the Quincys, Jun 14
  • Indian and Ethiopian food at Gabe and Bethany's wedding (the beginning of all my friends getting married/engaged), Jun 16
  • strawberry shortcake with my family during my summer in OH, Jun 18
  • homemade shoo fly pie made with Jenna Yoder during my visit to the organic farm in Michigan at which she worked, Jul 9
  • sour skittles and pomegranate tea during an annual catch up session with mi hermana dominicana, Jenna Bru, in a park in Ann Arbor, Jul 11
  • refried bean and cheese quesadillas in Jasper Nat'l Park in Alberta, Canada while camping with the family on our Canadian Rockies adventure, Jul 24
  • homemade waffles with yogurt and peach syrup with the Weber family (reunited with James after a long summer), Aug 10
  • pumpkin ice cream, cookies, and tartlets, just a taste of the spread at Roof House's 2nd Annual Fest, Fall Edition, Oct 22
  • cups of tea and random delicious carbohydrate-filled dishes with The Spain, my new housemates in Goshen, Nov 15
  • holiday cheer with The Spain and other friends, Dec 7
  • pancakes and canadian bacon with my family during our traditional after-presents Christmas brunch, Dec 25
  • chocolate fondue with the Quincys, Dec 31
Here's to you, 2008.


  1. Umm.. you forgot that coconut curry dish with veggies and mushrooms.

  2. what a great list and I am sure I would totally be drooling if I wasn't already so stuffed full of good food :)

  3. emmalinda, you have made me very very happy. and a little nostalgic. and hungry, too. i love you!