Sunday, April 20, 2008


When I came home for dinner this evening, I was pleasantly surprised to find some additional dinner guests in the kitchen. I had already invited one friend, and now two more were at the table, meaning we had to pull our table away from the wall and squeeze 8 chairs around it (basically, every chair we have in the house). We ate green bean, tomato, and mushroom egg casserole, fruit salad, and fresh homemade bread, and there was enough for everyone. I don't want to lose this casual, last minute sense of hospitality college has fostered for me. Just ran into a friend that you haven't seen in awhile? Bring them home for dinner. There will be enough places at the table and enough food for all. Don't clean, don't bother with fancy dishes (or even more than one utensil per person), it's the fellowship and the people that are important. I love that I can pretty much count on someone dropping by each evening during the week, a steady source of entertainment based on the fact that friends know it's ok (bordering on required) for them to drop by when they want to, without calling ahead. Don't get me wrong, fancy dinners are nice, and have their place, since I love to cook, but impromptu large group meals are my favorite. Just because I am coming to the end of my time of living with/near college students doesn't mean that I need to change my methods of hosting people in my home. Come for dinner. There will always be enough.

Kimberly: "Milk has fat and orange has lemon."
Matthew: "You are science."

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  1. hehehe. I am not dumb. I am science.

    I also want to keep this sense of hospitalitad. It's much harder away from a college setting, but I still have dreams that it can be done.