Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

An older Spanish-speaking gentleman came into the co-op to buy eggs today. He handed me two dollars when I told him the price in English ($3.39), so I started talking in Spanish. He told me he'd be back with more money and left me with the eggs and the 2 bucks. Later he came back and told me he didn't have the money, I gave him his $2, and he left. And after he walked out, I thought, Why didn't I just tell him that it was ok, take his 2 dollars, give him the eggs, and then pay the remainder myself? or give him my discount?
I say that I'm for social activism, but what do I actually do? How do I actually serve people each day? And why did I only think of helping out that man after he left? Sigh.

A pretty awful day today. I never quite woke up, things seemed stressful at work. The promise of sweet coffee bliss and time with James at the Brew somehow helped me make it through. Conquering the crossword puzzle and keeping Alzheimer's at bay never hurts either. Things are feeling a little better now. I was able to deal with the strawberry juices spilled all over my messenger bag without any cursing. That's pretty impressive for a person like me. :) Here's to the weekend, and tomorrow being Friday. I will now leave you to snuggle up and read Everything is Illuminated until the new episode of The Office this evening!

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