Monday, August 25, 2008

Rather than...

Rather than do any actual wedding planning...I'm reading a book about the ridiculousness of the wedding industry.

Rather than do more job searching...I went to a local coffee shop with James today and just talked for over an hour.

Rather than buy any produce...I'll just eat the tomatoes, raspberries, swiss chard, and zucchini in the garden that I didn't even have to plant.

Rather than hear Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco...I'll be doing Thursday Night Grilling at my house and hopefully finding somewhere to watch his speech on TV.

Rather than becoming part of the DNC craziness...I'll be sticking to my favorite places in my neighborhood: Huston Lake park and the Athmar Park branch of the DPL.

Rather than unpack...I'll continue to keep my stuff in boxes until we find more furniture.

Rather than stress out about my current unemployed status...I'll watch season 3 of The Office on DVD.

Rather than continue this blog post...I'll think about making something for dinner.

1 comment:

  1. oh, oh! if you ever decide (while not thinking about wedding planning) you want: blue, white, or green butcher paper; ~20 glass vases with green, white, or blue beads; ~100 bamboo utensils... um.... i may just know where to find these things. :) lamy