Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Public service announcement

Read this before you say we shouldn't bail out the auto industry.

He says it much better than me, but really, we had no problem bailing out the financial firms (who also made multiple, enormous mistakes), but not the Big Three auto firms? Yes, they made mistakes that they should be accountable for, but this doesn't just affect the CEOs who made those decisions. It affects the millions of people who work a factory shift each day, building cars to feed their families. Michigan's economy is already destroyed, and allowed the auto industry to fail will not help. Not only MI will be affected. In my part of Ohio, there are numerous Big Three auto factories that hold our local economies together. Many of my high school friends' parents had worked for Chrysler or Ford for life. These people will not have other options for jobs. Let's not punish the auto industry by allowing innocent workers to be laid off.

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