Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Musings

Dear Google Maps,
If you'd like me to turn left at a specific road, please give me the name of that road. And, if it's not too much trouble, could you possibly provide the name on the road sign at the intersection where I'll need to turn? It sure was helpful to know what the street would be called in 300 feet, but, you see, I couldn't see that sign. So thanks.

Yes, one of the biggest frustrations with my Butterfly Pavilion job is the driving. I don't mind actually doing the driving, I just get a little upset when yet again Google sends me off into the world, confidently wielding directions....that don't quite provide enough information to get me where I need to go. Today I drove past my turn twice, solely because it was not labeled Indiana Ave, as it should have been, but rather, Colorado Mills something or other. Sigh. So I was late to my program. Luckily, the secretary was extra patient with my two phone calls for directions and the teacher was not stressed by my lateness. And the kids were awesome, smart and funny and excited.

Dear self, please check to make sure you have all your belongings before leaving a school. If you fail at this step, you'll leave your favorite sweater behind. I promise.

Yes, my favorite cardigan sweater, that Kimberly gave to me, that her parents got at the thrift store they manage...left at the school I almost didn't find. Sigh.

It's clearly Monday. Here's hoping the rest of my short week goes better than this.

6th grade student, after eating a chocolate-covered cricket: "Is it weird for your stomach to be upset?"
Me: "I think it's normal to feel a little weird after eating a bug. I would feel the same way, my brain would tell me that I didn't feel well."
*Oh, they're so cute!

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