Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I work three days a week in Denver's Golden Triangle neighborhood for an entrepreneur who opened a sandwich/salad/smoothie cafe' a few months ago. Right across the street from us is a coffee shop owned by another entrepreneur. I hadn't really thought about this small pocket of locally owned establishments, but one day last week really solidified to me the whole reason behind supporting local business.

12:45 pm--B, one of our regular customers who owns FashionDenver, another local business nearby, stopped by for a sandwich and discovered a Frenchman was in the store, and began speaking fluently in French with him. After he left, she and I had a conversation about loving language, the desire/need to practice every day, and even spoke a little Spanish together.

1:13 pm--J, another regular customer, shared his current woes with women, saying he still loved all women. He looked right at me and said, I love you (I was representing all women, apparently). Did I mention that he is incredibly attractive?

2:05 pm--M, the baker of our bread came in to chat with my boss. They had a long conversation about the importance of loving the work that you do, and the need for small local businesses such as theirs to stick together and to support each other. Listening to this inspiring conversation, I was filled with an overwhelming love for supporting local businesses, the cozy feeling you get walking into a specific small place, rather than a local chain of a huge company. I loved listening to their strategies for increasing their customer base while staying true to their principles.

2:30 pm--Freezing, I ran across the street for a latte. Metropolis makes the best lattes I've ever had, with the creamiest thickest foam with lovely swirls of chocolate brown espresso in the pearly foam. The barista working refused to let me pay for my latte. In return, I ran a cup of hot vegetable soup back across the street to her a bit later.

All these interweaving relationships, and the desire and ability to do favors for people who work/live nearby are amazing aspects of local businesses. I've met some interesting regular customers and entrepreneurs, and I am going to continue to love and support my local businesses. Here's to unique and comfortable places of business that are owned by locals. Cheers.

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  1. Hmmmm. That rings really true to me. Also makes me want to seek out local businesses and support them.