Monday, December 15, 2008

5 Things

1. I have a new job. I received word on Friday that I'd been hired as the Butterfly Pavilion's spring educator; teaching classes for school groups that visit the BP on field trips. This means that I get to work full-time for one employer doing a job that I love.

2. On Friday I got two Christmas packages in the mail, heard about this job, and had an honestly good time wedding dress shopping.

3. It is oh so cold in Denver. Single digit temperatures aren't something we've experienced yet this winter, but they seem to be here to stay for the week. It's amazing how easily you acclimate to weather patterns. At this time last year I'm sure there had already been more single digit days in Goshen than I wanted to count.

4. I think my awesome Friday happened in order to prepare me for Monday. On the way to an outreach program this morning, I managed to skid on a slick patch of road and drive into a concrete lane divider. I'm fine, and the two spiders, pair of hissing cockroaches, and stick insect who were my passengers are also fine. The car is going to need some body work, and I had to take it to a garage I know nothing about. Sigh.

5. I get to go home and see family in 10 days from today! (I decided I had better end this post on a positive note. :)


  1. Yay for numbers 1-4 (especially the job that sounds great!) and I am so glad to hear you are okay. Car accidents even with no injuries can be really scary stuff!

  2. Heh. I think my favorite part of the whole post was the list of bugs in your car.

    Have I ever mentioned that you rock?