Friday, March 20, 2009


me: "Does anyone have any questions about the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach?"

1st grader: "Cute!"

me: "Oh, you think it's cute? That's awesome!"


me: "So when you go into the Butterfly Pavilion, you can hold Rosie the tarantula."

same 1st grader: "When I hold Rosie, I think she's going to look cute AND handsome."

...I love my job.

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  1. Hi Emmalinda, thanks for the comment. If you're interested in chatting about more wedding stuff, let me know; I'm still thinking about weddings because I might start a wedding-industry business this year! And if you're interested in suggestions for stuff to do/see in Denver, let me know - I've lived here six years and my husband and I like to have adventures around the city (and state). Good luck with the wedding planning (and I love the Butterfly Pavillion!) You can email me at