Monday, April 13, 2009

Some things

Yes, I've been MIA for awhile now. Turns out that spring is a very busy time in my life. Work is busy. We've had lots of visitors, which makes life at home busy. And then there's this thing called a wedding that's now 4 months away (a little less than that, but I refuse to be an obsessive counter.)

So, a short list:

1. I tried on my wedding dress today! It is not ridiculously large, as I expected. It is definitely too large, but it's too large in places that are easy to fix. However, I forgot how low it was in the back! I don't think it's obscene, but it is pretty low.

2. While I was there (for about 8 minutes...b/c I really just came to try it on), the woman helping me asked what I was doing with my hair. She then clipped a really cute ostrich feather decorative thing into my hair, and told me it was "only $100." Yeah, my dress cost just a little more than that. All I could think was, yeah, this looks cute. But I could make it for much, much less.

3. I taught 180 3 and 4 year olds today about spiders. What an interesting crowd. But almost all of them held Rosie the tarantula.

4. It is sunny today, which sort of makes up for the dismal Easter morning yesterday.

5. Only 4 sessions of my after school program remain. It feels like February (when we started) was just yesterday.

6. Sign of spring: plant/garden/nursery stores are now open when I drive past them!

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  1. Oh, you should totally make yourself some lovely hair clip thing to wear on your wedding. You have such a great cute short haircut, it would look smashing!