Monday, May 25, 2009

Classic Over-Thinker

Classic Over-Thinker should be stamped permanently on my resume' and any business cards I happen to procure in the future. And I can over-think about basically anything: will my teaching license renewal be submitted before the expiration date? Will my acne choose to flare up for the wedding? Will Target let us return some glasses without a receipt?

Currently, wedding shoes are the bane of my existence. I wish I already owned a fabulous, comfortable, and colorful pair of shoes, b/c really, if I had something suitable I wouldn't look for something new. I love shoe shopping and shoes in theory. Then I go to an actual store and put some shoes on my feet, and my rather short and quite wide feet do not fit. I have to have a conversation with my brain about how I cannot will them to fit me every time I try on a new item of footwear.

I acknowledge that I'm over-thinking this. As soon as I settle on some wedges with height, I think that I won't be comfortable. But most often comfort = expensive. And I find that the majority of my current comfortable shoe needs are met (aka investing in a new pair of worthy shoes doesn't make a lot of sense right now). So what to do? I am officially tired of looking for shoes, and every time I do look, the sensible part of my brain announces that I am over-thinking a tiny decision and that the whole thing is ridiculous because my dress is ankle-length. But is it so wrong to want something colorful peering out of that dress? And to feel a little tall and confident?

See? Classic over-thinking behavior, as I have now devoted an entire blog entry to my plight. Basically, I need to stop thinking about it and just purchase a pair of shoes. Or reassess and see if in fact, I can use something I currently own. I pride myself on staying away from wedding porn and the like, but even on the alternative/DIY blogs I read, each (aka most, not all) bride has killer vintage fashion sense and excellent, full of personality footwear. These same brides search antique shops for months for vintage table linens and full sets of unmatched plates in the same color scheme. Sometimes these brides inspire me, but when I start to over-think, I feel inadequate. But that's just not my style. I'm a good enough kind of person. Are the invites cut relatively straight? Will the post office be able to decipher my handwriting? If both of the above are true, good enough. Don't get me wrong, I take pride in my work. It's not shoddy, just not absolutely the awesomest ever. Currently, I have visions of indie brides with delicious, amazing shoes. And suddenly I need them too.

Except I don't. Which I will eventually remember and find something that fits at least one of my many criteria (relatively comfortable, if not flats, something that doesn't sink into grass, colorful, will wear again) and feel good enough about it.

Until then, the over-thinking continues.

P.S. James and I really did complete the invitations from start to finish this weekend. It wasn't even terribly time-consuming, and was actually kind of fun. We're now hand-addressing envelopes, and will mail them off into the wilds shortly!

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  1. Two suggestions: DSW on South Broadway (near I25) and Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse (there's one in the Colorado Mills Mall, though I think there are other locations as well). I bought my wedding shoes at DSW and still wear them regularly.