Friday, June 5, 2009

Check check and check.

Shoes? check.
Jewelry? check.
Dress fitting #1? check.

I promise, someday I will be able to talk about something other than weddings. But I went to my dress fitting today and it was really fun. My dress is lovely. It's going to fit me really well, and is still comfortable (other than being made from a warm fabric). Yay!

I have fully entered the "good enough" phase. I ordered two pairs of earrings from Ten Thousand Villages, and took them to my dress fitting today. One pair looked just ok. The other pair looked pretty good. And those are officially the earrings. Because I am no longer interested in looking at all the choices out there, I just want to be done and to cross the next item off the list. It feels really freeing, because I am able to be decisive. Everything moves us one step closer to actually getting married!

My whirlwind weekend is only beginning: tonight, we'll work on our wedding ceremony & pack for our trip to KS. Tomorrow AM we'll drive to Kansas, have a pre-wedding BBQ with friends, and camp with friends. Then on Sunday, Emily & Andy get married, and as soon as the ceremony ends, James and I drive back to Denver. Bright and early at 8 am on Monday morning, I teach my first summer camp. Wish me luck!

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  1. Did you have a good time in Kansas?

    (And "It's good enough" was pretty much the theme of our wedding! Good for you for getting stuff crossed off the list.)