Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Update

Friday: Semi-hectic morning of work, including teaching one surprise class to a really fun group of kids. Came home to tidy up the house, wash dishes, and make dinner--zucchini fritters & brown tomato gravy. I grated 3.5 c of zucchini that is now in the freezer, just begging to become chocolate chip zucchini cake at any moment. :) In the evening, we had Anna & Brian over for coffee and dessert (hot fudge pudding cake with vanilla ice cream) and games. I was completely destroyed in Ticket to Ride and lost an epic 44 points due to taking a risk too late in the game. Good times.

Saturday: Delicious Waffles (name of the recipe in the church cookbook) in our new waffle maker! Yum. Then we went to the Farmer's Market, and then off on an adventure with Kate. First to Northglenn to buy a Craigslist turkey fryer for James. Not for turkeys, but homebrew. He's pretty happy. Then we went hiking in a Jeffco Open Space, White Ranch Park. Great day for hiking, and it wasn't too strenuous and still beautiful.

Pretty, isn't it?
We don't take ourselves too seriously...
And we found this amazing beetle trying to camouflage on my blue shirt (edit: it's a species of Pleasing Fungus Beetle)
After the hike, James and I were seriously craving pizza, so we made possibly the best homemade pizza we've ever made, using my mom's crust recipe, "homemade" sauce (crushed tomatoes with spices added in), diced sweet orange pepper, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese). We ate while sipping a new homebrew and watching The Office, followed by the movie Adventureland. Both were definitely enjoyable.

Sunday: Woke up at 4 am and couldn't sleep. At 5 am, my chest began to feel tight/heavy, I was lightheaded, and felt like I couldn't breathe deeply. I still feel about the same, but less panicky. I'm assuming it's a lovely combo of sleep deprivation, dehydration (I drank homebrew last night and didn't worry about replenishing water after the hike in the sun), and psychological effects. Hopefully all will improve. We did meal planning, grocery shopping, Community & Parks and Recreation watching, and now James is doing laundry. Our plans to freeze roasted chiles are foiled, as I feel don't feel great, and neither do the friends we were planning to freeze them with. Bummer. Back to work tomorrow, but there's still dinner to look forward to! It might involve the grass fed organic ground beef in our fridge. Thanks for the sale, Whole Foods!


  1. Looks like a pleasing fungus beetle to me ;-)

  2. oh that pizza looks good...
    and the pics look like NM!
    and I've defs looked up that beetle before (we have it in NM, too) and I can't remember what its called... *sigh* update me if you look it up! :) also, I saw you online yesterday and thought...uh..why is she still up?! And was going to question you when your little green chat circle turned orange from lack of activity. So then I decided that you must have just left your computer on and it was just now going to sleep. Sorry to hear that isn't so. Feeling better? ooh, long commment!

  3. Hi! I saw your comment on Kath's blog about New Belgium and I had to come visit you here! I just moved to Denver from FC (spent ridiculous amount of time at NB Brewery b/c my former roommie works there!). And... get this... I'm getting married this month! Anyway, I felt compelled to comment : )

  4. Manda, great to hear from you! Yay for New Belgium AND for getting married! Do you have a blog? I'd love to check it out, if so.

  5. Funny, I used to have a blog but no more... life took over and I couldn't make the time for it. : ( Maybe we can schedule a meet-up after my wedding craziness is over!

  6. Yummy pizza; it looks delish.